Once again I’m going bg 1ack to the States to do a mission trip for a week. I will be speaking and painting. I’m looking for people that will back me up in prayer. After coming home from my last mission trip I was inspired to message a few friends to ask if they would pray for us at Keep it Real. We need your prayers because prayer makes a huge impact. I am looking to build a prayer team of people that will be dedicated to helping us. Would you set aside 5 minutes each week to pray for us? Write it down if you need to remember. Thank you in advance for investing into what we are doing for Gods kingdom. Prayer doesn’t have to be anything complex, after you’re done reading this, watch the video below.
The church that I am going to has started a skatepark in their gym and they have over 100 skaters connected to it in the past year. It has really taken off and exploded to the point where not only teens want to come, even skaters in their 30’s come so now they have different times they open the park. Apparently some skaters even drive an hour to get to this spot because there is no other skatepark in the area. The skaters call this place “The Haven” which means a place of safety or refuge. I’m so excited to see what all the hype is about.
g 2The guy who runs it is called pastor Dan and I met him a few summers ago. I remember him telling me that he wanted to bring me to help, and he has now invited me to come for the week right before their opening night. Their walls are blank but by the time I’m done there will be paint all over them. Please pray God helps me with what I paint. I really feel that it is him who helps inspire ideas. Practice is important too of course. Since coming home from Chicago I have been sketching like crazy. So ready for this trip, normally it doesn’t hit me that I am going somewhere cool until I am actually on the train, car or plane. But for the past week I have been overjoyed thinking about all that is going to happen. g 3
 Thanks for praying for me! From
g 5