Last night when I was sleeping I had a prophetic dream, which I believe God used to speak to me. In the dream I was in a church service and as I walked in, I noticed that it was fairly small. I was with some young people, and all of us noticed that it was different than normal – it had shrunk. We asked, “Where is everyone? Is this where church will always be?”. I then went up to the balcony and noticed some teenagers sitting there, so I sat with them. Near the end of the service, some of us were outside and were all climbing a tree. As I got to the very top, some teenagers down below looked at each other and then started to run. As they were running, I climbed down the tree and started chasing them as quickly as I could. When I finally caught up with them, I stopped to talk with them. After a few minutes of chatting they start walking back to church with me. As we got into church I talked to the person running it, saying, “These teens need to see someone act out the story of Jesus! Could you guys do a drama skit of Jesus? They need to physically see what he is like.” Now you might be thinking that this dream is somewhat bizarre. But I strongly feel that this is God speaking to me. I can’t get this dream out of my mind. I feel that God is showing me that our young people are running away from church and that not enough people are going after them. The church in my dream symbolizes so many churches these days. The sad part is, one of the kids’ faces in the dream was a church leader’s kid. He had grown up in the church his whole life with Godly parents.

When kids do leave the church, I think it’s important to go to where they’re at. For example, you could spend time with them at their favorite place to hang out: the mall, skate park, take them out for coffee, join them in some x-box. Don’t just wait for them to come back to church on their own. In the dream, I remember not even having to convince them to walk back with me. I just simply listened to them and I asked can you walk back with me and then they did. Young people are willing to come back to the church, but they need someone to show them and walk right beside them. Every week I am so encouraged by all the teens that I get to hang out with, through doing Keep it Real. It’s a privilege to travel around and connect with kids. I just wish there were more people out there doing this also. I know there are way more people my age that could be doing something similar, probably even better, but somewhere along their spiritual journey they ran away and no one went after them. It’s sad, and deep down it hurts to know that my generation is suffering.
What is the answer? I’m not totally sure, but what I do know is that Jesus really desired for us to make disciples. This frustration of friends my age leaving has left me with this deep thought of “multiplication is important”.

Lately I have been taking this whole discipleship thing more seriously. Going into kids homes getting to know their family, taking long van rides to have deep God chats with them, going out for ice cream and then praying after… I haven’t fully figured out discipleship yet but I am slowly getting it. It’s very crucial that we pass on the baton to the younger generation hoping that they will invest into younger people too someday.
I hope you get inspired to not give up but to try harder to connect with young people. You can actually make a difference in someone’s life. Think about the reason of why you are still in the church to this day. Was it because someone a few years older cared for you, did someone take you under their wing and chat through hard questions. Did someone pray with you at a really hard time in life? In the end of the dream when we finally came back to the church I felt that we really needed to act out the story of Jesus. This was significant because the teens were no longer relating just through hearing it anymore, they needed to actually see him. We need to act so much like Christ so that people can see him though us.

Thanks to everyone out ther that supports KIR in what we do. We wouldn’t be able to do it without your financial and prayer support