Four years ago I got invited to speak in Florida. I was blown away at the opportunity to help in such a beautiful place so I couldn’t say no. I would be crazy if I didn’t go. Every year Youth For Christ brings lots of Ontario teens to a camp close to Orlando. March break is a perfect time for us Canadians to get out of the snow so whoever came up with this trip 20 years ago is a genius. So many teens need a break from all of the craziness of life so why not go enjoy beaches, roller coasters and some powerful messages about God for a week. When I first came to the camp I had no idea who or what YFC was but I quickly fit in and became really good friends with the staff and teens. After giving it lots of thought I decided to join YFC and work for the National team. My heart is for Canada and thanks to this camp I am now able to travel around and help at many more places.IMG_0787

A few weeks ago I was able to go back to Florida to help on the same trip as a team leader. It was kind of nice to have a break from speaking. Normally when I go places that is my main focus and as a speaker you IMG_0582are constantly thinking about the messages you are about to bring. Something really cool about this trip was how I was able to bring a few teens from my area and invest so much into them. It was awesome to focus on building strong relationships with these few. Normally when I go to these events I will literally talk to every youth and try to memorize every single name but not this time. I had a goal in mind and I knew that my main purpose was to really spend intentional time with these few youth that I brought. I see so much potential in them and I so want them to succeed in life.

Camp brings so many special moments. The jokes in the cabin, the games on the sports field, the small group prayer, the deep conversations around the camp fire, the bible discussions on the bus… they were all valuable moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m so proud of my youth and I can truly say that they are Keeping it Real in their faith.



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On top of that, another amazing opportunity came. I was talking on the Phone with my friend Neil and he was telling me how he was speaking at a camp close by. Basically the day our camp ended his was starting right after. It was a very last minute decision but it actually all came together so well. Neil and his wife Joy are good friends and I worked close with them in Thailand at another big YFC conference. They taught me alot about leadership and invested so much into my life before so I thought it flo3made sense to spend some quality time with their 3 daughters. I’m so glad that they hooked it up for me to come. I got to do lots of graffiti on t-shirts and hats for the camp. I even made a big “Campus Life” banner that they hung up on stage, but putting that all aside I knew that my one goal and mission for that week was to be a good friend for these 3 young girls. Once again, instead of running around trying to meet every single teenager I focused on these 3 kids and I had many powerful God moments with them. When I say God moments I guess I mean we had times where we would really chat about Faith in God. I really got to know them and some of the highlights were in simple things like when we would laugh, eat, draw and pray together. At the end of the week we all felt so close almost like they were my little sisters. I love it how God sets up trips like this.

These 2 weeks were memorable experiences that I will never forget. Deep friendships were made and even tho I didn’t do ministry to a mass crowd it was still so worth it. In a way I think there is something more meaningful about focusing on a few friendships rather than alot. (Check out Matthew 13:36)

I learned that there’s not only one right way to do ministry, it can look different every time. Out of the 2 camps of a couple hundred teens I would say I connected with only 7 key young people that God put in front of me. I see so much greatness in all of them and they are all going to go sooooo far in life. These 7 are on my prayer list and I look forward to seeing where God takes them in the future.

Thanks for reading about my adventure of going to camp in Florida. Please partner with me in prayer and also thanks to everyone who monthly supports us at Keep it Real.