By: Rachelle Mainse

“…He’ll speak to you big time about your destiny, calling, etc. These are things that don’t just come- they are in us all along.”




I had to laugh watching a home video today with the family seeing myself all dressed up to go trick or treating…and all I wanted the people in the room to know is that “I got earrings on”. SO important when you are 4 right?! I was so proud that my Mom let me wear these gaudy clip on earrings- and clearly I wanted everyone to know.

rachell childOr another home video where out of all the presents I got for Christmas I chose to show my Dad my makeup (first attempt seen in picture… THANKFULLY, my make-up skills have greatly improved since then). Or the time where my Dad asked me to show the camera something from my room…and out of ALL my masses of toys I wanted to show my Dad an egg on a stick because it was “SPARKLY”. I went on and on to my Dad making sure the camera saw how sparkly it was…because clearly that, like gaudy clip-on earrings, is super important! Haha

Ok Ok…so it’s all true..if you know me you know- I LOVE SPARKLES (and I mean really love sparkles!), I love gaudy jewellery and I love make-up!

And I guess that’s what I found so amusing about these home videos…is that I think if we look back to when we were little- it can reveal a lot about who we are- our personality, likes, dreams, etc.

I’ll never forget this one night when I was living in Kansas City. I was at a service and all of a sudden I started thinking— maybe I shouldn’t wear gaudy jewellery (big earrings…sigh) anymore, stop with the sparkles, and just go more “au natural”. A vast majority of the girls wore no make-up, more “plain Jane” type everything and definitely no sparkles….which is totally cool— I was just starting to feel like the odd one out with all my “glitz and glam”. I was thinking- I’m not trying to call attention to myself- I just love bold, bright stuff- BUTTTT maybe I should stop with “all that”. And even questioning myself- that maybe this isn’t “me”- maybe God didn’t make me this way…

Minutes Later— a girl comes up to me (obviously knowing nothing) and starts prophesying- “God loves that you love sparkly things!” and she goes off into how God has made me and saying- Don’t change who you are! SO COOL. What God timing!

And I’m so thankful I listened and EMBRACED that…cause now over a year later I am seeing through these home videos that it was in me all along…little Rachelle was definitely loving all “glitz and glam” and God DID make me that way!

I encourage you to go back to when you were little….go through some old photos, watch some home videos and just watch God speak to you about who He’s made you to be! And I hope it’s more than “SPARKLES” cause it’s definitely been for me! He’ll speak to you big time about your destiny, calling, etc. These are things that don’t just come- they are in us all along.

God has made each of us unique! Maybe you are like how I was where you thought you needed to change something about who you are, “grow up”, or whatever— because you haven’t realized this before. I pray now— you would embrace and flourish in all God’s made you to be.

Super Girly? Center Stage? Quirky? Inquisitive? More Quiet?- whatever it is-Embrace it! 🙂