Is your time the most valuable thing to you? What do you spend most of your time doing? Do you feel more encouraged spending alone time with God or less encouraged? For me personally, I feel more happy and have peace in life when I take time to read the bible, pray and sit still in his presence and yet I don’t do it as much as I should.

I flew into Vancouver a few days ago and i’m enjoying this youth workers conference. When I’m running a booth, I normally don’t go to much of the sessions but today I slipped into a really sweet one. This really cool guy named Cal McFarlane taught some really deep things that many times we forget as a Christian. We live in such a busy world where there are many things asking for our attention. Being a young adult I can sometimes feel the pressure of many new “grown up” things calling my name. I feel like these new responsibilities are taking away some of the time that should be spent with God (but still that’s no excuse). I need to get better at learning how to say no to luxury things like my computer, movies, my phone, friends… the list goes on. I met with this dude Cal in the summer for one hour and it rocked my world as he challenged me on the topic of identity. He would ask me “Laura, who are you in Christ?” Hearing him today has once again sparked some deep thoughts in my heart so I thought I would like to share the notes I quickly typed on my phone.

-Solitude and silence helps us to not focus on ourself but to care for others.

-Solitude helps us to discover who we are in Christ.

-The other demands of life are quiet in silence.

-It helps you to surrender yourself. Find the real you, who you should become.

-Jesus said no to sweet opportunities because he wasn’t about doing his own agenda, he was all about doing his fathers will. Before he went on the cross,he prayed “not my will but yours father” because he practiced it out so much beforehand. If Jesus gets alone with the father, how much do we need to.

-Sometimes we don’t want to spend time in solitude because we are afraid of what he might tell us. When we soften our heart and listen, we can start to say yes and we have the freedom to have a conversation with God.

Wow, I hope you are inspired by this speaker Cal. I know life is busy, but take time today to log out of fb, not post a status on twitter, turn off the tv, cancel plans with friends and just spend alone time with God your good father. He cares about you so much and he’s always speaking. Keep it Real friends!