Why cant you find peace? When you go to the mall and buy new shoes and clothes it feels good and then the feeling fades. Music brings comfort but that feeling eventually fades. You can feel good about your physical appearances but one day you will get old and have wrinkly skin and nobody will call you beautiful. Just look at the way you look at your grandparents and you will see yourself in the future. We try to get peace from relationships around us but people let you down and people will fail you. People try to get peace from wealth and working but there will always be a little more money that you think you need. There will always be a Donald Trump with a little bit more toys than you. We are like drug addicts constantly wondering around looking for a new fix. It never lasts does it? But i have found a peace that will never go away for the rest of my life. Are you ready for it?

True peace comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

No person can take it.
No financial situation can take it.
No sickness or storm can take it.
Nothing can take away this peace because it is not based on anything physical in this world. This peace is eternal and there is nothing like it.

Before Jesus was about to go to the cross he was spending one last moment with his crew and he knew they were goona go through tough times in the future. He said to them,

I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. -Jesus (John 14:27).




The bible says that those who don’t know God “are like the restless sea which is never still…” (Isaiah 57:20) Without God our inner peace is like a roller coaster because there is no hope or purpose.

Try this gift. There really is nothing like it.


Text: New Living Translation