Today was a wonderful day, let me tell you about it. Have you ever had so much sugar that you felt really hyper? I arrived at the Waterdown youth centre right when other teens were on their lunch. The local high school is down the street so it is very convenient for teens to walk over for a free hot meal. As I sit down I am greeted by a nice older lady that volunteers in our kitchen. She comes by to offer some other friends and I some delicious soup and toasted bread. After that I ask my friend Dan who does co-op there if he wanted to go upstairs to the recording studio to write a rap song together.

I started to jam a bit playing guitar and after a few minutes I see another co worker named Marcel come upstairs with another teenager. The teen walks in and she right away brightens up the whole room. I ask her if she wanted to play drums. As we began to play a song we then got into talking about life. I asked her what her story was.

We all have a story!

This grade 9 girl opens up instantly and shares all about the ups and downs of high school. I listened, listened and listened. Near the end her story I then asked her if I could tell her my one minute story. I was then able to share about how Jesus Christ changed my life in a powerful way when I was her age. She was so open to discussing God. It’s so incredible to see how God can do some neat things when we least expect it. With the little bit of time we had left I was able to pray with her and I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

For most of us youth workers this is a dream to be able to have moments like this. It doesn’t happen for me every single day but on days like this it sure seems like God is at work and its encouraging to know that prayer works. That morning some of the staff were specifically praying for conversations like that to happen.

good day 2

As the crowd of students downstairs began to fade away to go back to class I noticed there was another girl left sitting at a table in our “restaurant” area. My other friend Ty and I looked at each other,  then looked at the teen and said “Lets do something creative, lets bake something tasty for the other teens coming back after school.”

The 3 of us LOVE sugar so we all agreed with no doubts in our mind that sugar would be a main ingredient. We attempted to make Rice Krispie squares but we kept adding, sprinkles, chocolate, Oreos, extra marshmallows and whip cream so i’m not totally sure what you would call it. The fun jokes we made along the way was what made it so memorable. A teen who we absolutely didn’t know at all then became so tight with us just from spending a bit of time baking this contraption. After it was finished we were so proud of what we made. Every time when we looked at our creation it made us happy. We kept telling everyone around us that they had to taste it because it literally was soooo good.

At one point we were all sitting down eating it and I said “This must be how God feels, he looks at his creation and he is so proud of it.”

good day 3

I know it sounds funny and it is just food but in the same way how we were willing to showoff what we made it’s the same with God looking at you. He is so proud of you. He loves you the way you are.

To end off of my day at home later that night I was praying to God. I felt like I heard God ask “What was your favourite part of the day?” I then shared with him about all of the fun with everything that went well and how I was so happy. I then heard him say that his favourite part of the day was seeing me be happy as I enjoyed all of those things.

I really feel that God sees everyone like that. He is crazy in love with every human on this planet. Let this encourage you today to know that he looks at you as his creation that he is proud of.

Isn’t that so cool how God delights in the things that we like. I really do believe that we have an awesome God who loves us where we are at, through the bad days and the good days. Today was a wonderful day.