our team

Meet the team


  • Laura Bronson

  • Director

Laura helped start KIR with her brothers in 2007. She loves speaking all over Canada. She raps and does graffiti. She also really likes candy.

  • Tim Bronson

  • Media

Tim is passionate about presenting Keep it Real though all kinds of media like video projects, social media and motion graphics. He has a groovy pop shuvit.

  • Evan Buckles

  • Speaker/Graffiti writer

Evan helps run the Revert indoor skatepark in London Ontario. He speaks with passion when he shares with young people at Keep it Real events. He loves using skating and graffiti to reach youth.

  • Dave Bembenek

  • Event D.J.

Dave knows how to pump up the crowd. The beats that he creates have a really energetic tempo and it makes you want to move. He has been involved in the music industry working with labels for many years.

  • Amber Ziomick

  • Fashion and apparel

Amber has an eye for style. She loves representing the clothing brand and finding new ways to expand it. YFC had a big impact on her growing up at her local drop in centre and now she is a youth volunteer.

  • James Faber

  • Photographer

James has been Photographing the Keep it Real skaters in the craziest places for the past couple years. He loves taking unique photos that express what is really happening in the moment.

  • Aliza Latta

  • Social justice programs

Aliza has a heart for the third world and she wants to connect the resources of Canada to help others in need. She is currently in Africa working with the poor.

  • Matt Fisher

  • Videographer

Matt is a young skater who is dedicated to filming almost every day. His videos are what drives him and you will always see him at his local park riding around all the time. His fish eye lens is his baby! Check out the skate video section to see his work.

  • Gloria MacKinnon

  • Alberta rep

Gloria is a dedicated youth worker who volunteers her time to reach the younger generation. She helps at her church youth group and her local YFC drop in. She first met the crew in Ontario

  • Tyler Bronson

  • Skate team manager

Tyler dreams of skating in his sleep. He has no fear when skating crazy street spots. He pushes and motivates the skate team with a gnarly sense of humor while getting them ready or events.

  • Melissa schellenberg

  • B.C. rep

Melissa loves making youth culture relevant. She cares about reaching teens and she spreads the message of living real in the West coast. Melissa and her husband plan on traveling to new places in the future.

  • Nancy Mendez

  • Marketing

Nancy gets the word out about KIR. She really likes Toronto. She hopes to find new venues for Keep it real to do events at in the GTA.


  • Adam Howden

  • Ontario rep

Adam is vocal about his beliefs and he was with K.I.R. at the very first event when they first started. He is currently in school training to be a youth worker.

  • Stephen Connors

  • Quebec rep

Stephen grew up in Montreal so he is fluent in English and French. This helps him promote K.I.R. to french Quebec. He loves poutine and adores The Canadians hockey team a little too much.

  • Joel Weldon

  • Graffiti writer

Joel has been painting since he was young and he does his art all over. He often gets invited to do it with youth. He uses this tool to connect with them on their level.

  • Adam Mackenzie

  • Maritimes rep

Adam Mackenzie was born and raised in Nova Scotia. He got connected to the K.I.R. crew though the Undercurrent drop in centre. He now volunteers weekly as a leader in their skate park teaching skate lessons.

  • "Crisis"

  • Hip-hop artist

Chris Innamorati, also known as CRISIS, is a hip-hop artist based out of Eastern Ontario. As a semi-frequent collaborator with KIR, they share a very similar heart for young people.His album is available on itunes below.

  • Chantal Rochette

  • Prayer team coordinator

Chantal has a desire deep inside to lead others in prayer. She really beleves that in a hurting word their is a God who listens and speaks. Shes is currently a student at Masters College and seminary.