You know that God is up to something when non church kids join in on pre service prayer.
I would like to share with you this throwback picture from a long time ago. When I was younger the church that I grew up in called Glad Tidings had a skatepark. I was there all the time and I would always invite out friends. Our skate church was a place where I felt like I really belonged and my faith grew strong. Little did I know that God was preparing me then for what I am doing now even when I didn’t realize it. After high school I started getting invited places to speak and skate. Instead of doing it alone I brought my friends and a crew began. Last night I went back to visit my old church where KIR started.


A highlight of our event yesterday was when non church kids from across the street came early to the church parking lot. We were setting up the music and skate ramps outside when I noticed a group of local kids that live in the neighbourhood showing curiosity. As more and more church parents came to drop off their kids I looked at the time and realized we were going to officially start the event soon.
I gathered some of the KIR crew to pray together. As we stood outside in the parking lot with our heads down I noticed that a young non church kid joined us. As he held his hands together in a prayer posture with his head down and eyes closed, his friend came over concerned saying, “What is he doing, guys what is he doing?” This was an interruption that is totally understandable. We live in a day where not many kids know what it means to pray. They may have never heard of it or tried it before. I paused my prayer to say “It’s ok, your friend is praying with us.” He then also joined us and held his hands close together and bowed his head too. My deep passionate prayers of “God we ask that your presence would be here strong, fill us up, use us…” soon changed to a simple “God thank you that you love us, thank you that you care for us, protect us with your angels, help us to have fun skateboarding…” I wanted to include them, I wanted these non church kids to know that you don’t need to pray long spiritual prayers to get close to God. I hope that they realized that our God is a relevant God that we can talk to about anything, even skateboarding. As soon as I said Amen I looked up and noticed that a few more of their friends had gathered to be around our prayer circle.
Later on that evening these kids came inside for our event. Before I shared the bible story I did a dance competition on stage and some of these kids came up to the front to dance in front of everyone. They felt loved as the crowd cheered them on, they felt accepted, they felt valued. having a moment like this is the reason that we continue to keep doing what we do. We should never forget about the people outside of the church, lets include them. Before people believe they need to belong. This influence that God has given us can be used in the right way. For whatever reason one kid decided to join us in prayer. It just takes one kid to step up and then others might follow.
Oh how I love the church, what would we do without the church? Unfortunately I often see that it’s a trendy thing these days for people to put down the church and write blogs that leave on a sad note. I understand that it is ok to discuss things that we need to work on but what is the point of putting down the church in a negative way? To be honest we need the church! We are meant to work together. We are the church so when Christians make fun of church they are making fun of themselves. Instead of complaining and writing about all of the mistakes in the church, why don’t we do something about it. We can be the change that we want to see. I am challenging you today to 1) Care about people outside of the church and 2) speak positive about the church not negative. Jesus Loves the church and even though we are all imperfect people that are still learning, I am convinced that Jesus has a plan to use the local church to meet people where they are at.


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