Keep It Real inspires young people to be real in their faith. One way we’re accomplishing this is by having church weekly outside at the public skatepark at Waterdown and Brantford. Keep It Real is a ministry of Youth for Christ, introducing young people to Jesus in a unique way through graffiti art and sharing Bible stories. Many teens who would normally never step foot in a church building will be impacted this summer through this ministry! All of the money raised from our Mustache fundraiser will be donated to the Keep It Real skatepark church. Sid Koop is a legend in youth ministry as he has served leaders across Canada for decades. Sid is a good friend to YFC, he has decided to help us out. Sid originally was hoping to shave off his mustache soon, but Laura from Keep It Real has convinced him to keep it on for a skatepark fundraiser. We are having a contest between Sid and Keep It Real to see who can raise the most money. If Sid can raise more money, he will get to shave off his mustache May 21st like he wanted. If Keep It Real can raise more money, Sid will keep it on until when he comes to Ontario for his On The Road Youth Worker tour. In this crazy Covid season, who knows when that will be. This will be really fun. Hopefully Sid has to keep his mustache on for a while. It’s really funny how his mustache makes him look like a different person. We need your help! Let’s see how long we can get Sid to keep the stache on. Thank you for donating.

Donate to SHAVING Sid’s mustache:

Donate to SAVING Sid’s mustache: