A long time ago there was a man with Leprosy. it was a skin disease that slowly ate way at your body. People with leprosy weren’t allowed in the city. They had to huddle in a leper camp outside the city. In those days there were no assistance programs or charities to help the poor.

This leper had to beg for food since he couldn’t work. Most days he didn’t eat enough and the little food he ate had lost it’s taste. If people saw him they would walk on the other side of the street. Over time his pain increased. Each day he got closer to ending it all. He once had a family who loved him but they were long gone. He passed a lot of sleepless nights gazing at the stars and groaning “Can you hear me?”.

His days were filled with routine, most of his time was spent worrying about survival, and wondering why he was ever born. One day his begging routine was interrupted by a noisy crowd. This crowd was odd because they were not avoiding him. Instead the crowd moved quickly towards him and suddenly stopped 10 feet in front of him once they could see his deformed skin. There were, and are, some people who will avoid the poor at all costs. Such people were in the crowd, with the exception of one man. There was something different about this man who didn’t stop walking. There was something different in his eyes. The crowd called him Jesus and they told him to not get any closer, fearing the disease was contagious. When Jesus reached for him, the sick man fell at his feet, watering the ground with tears. Jesus crouched down, and for the first time in a long time, the poor beggar felt loved.

The sick man just kept weeping and asking himself why this was happening.

That’s what Jesus does. He sits with us in the dirt.



Story based on:

(Mark 1:40)

(Leviticus 13:45)