Your word is a lamp to guide my feet
and a light for my path.” psalm 119:105



We are so excited about the K.I.R Bible project!

About 4 years ago we met someone at a conference who had a box of new testaments and they said to us “Maybe the keep it real crew can use these at youth events.” We started giving them out to many teenagers everywhere we went. The covers were kind of plain so we put keep it real stickers on the the front to make it more interesting and youth liked it. It was a great way to make the bible relevant for when a kid first picked it up because they were already familiar with the K.I.R. message. When we ran out of copies we looked into ordering more but we realized that we had no budget for anything extra. At the time we had barley enough gas money to drive home from events lol so we put the bibles on hold.

As time has moved on we are doing more events than ever and there are so many youth that need a copy of the bible. Thankfully we came into contact with some people at the Canadian Bible Society, we love what they do. The Canadian Bible Society is an organization that translates and distributes bibles to as many people as possible.  We are excited to work with them because they have partnered with us by printing us 1000 custom bibles!  These bibles are in contemporary english so even a child can understand the vocabulary and we got to write a one page intro explaining to youth the importance of the bible and how to read it.

So why are we so excited about putting 1000 bible in the hands of teenagers?

We are excited because these books have the words of Jesus the the greatest teacher of ALL Time. If Teens read and understand the words of Jesus they can literally change the world.

Jesus fed the hungry.

He hung out with the outcasts.

He showed compassion to prostitutes and beggars.

He healed the sick.

He showed us an example of how to live life to the fullest.

He took our place on the painfull cross and he forgave every sin.

This is the message we are giving to youth. Big shout outs to our friends at the Canadian Bible Society for all the good that they are doing spreading the word. There site is