Hello Friends!
The younger generation needs our support! This summer I intentionally invested in making disciples. Every Tuesday I go to the Waterdown skatepark to set up an outdoor drop-in centre. We create art, skate together, have snacks and share Bible stories. The Jr. High students and teens are open to the gospel. A few days ago I announced to everyone “Ok, we’re going to share the Bible story now; come join us if you would like to.” A Jr. High boy beside me said with a big smile “YES! I love it when we do this.” I looked at him shocked and amazed because this non-Christian boy helped me realize how hungry people are for truth. He was genuinely interested!
Our group is a mix of Christians and non-Christians. I am constantly encouraging them all to be world changers! I remind them that they can bring positive change to their personal world starting at home and then also in their own community.
Spray paint catches the attention of young people! Families crowd around the art table showing an interest. Many parents I don’t even know come up to me to say “Thank you for doing this.” We really have built a safe place for young people to belong in the middle of this crazy Covid time. We have painted everything you can imagine: skateboards, backpacks, canvases, helmets, posters, t-shirts… A few weeks ago a young boy came up to me and said, “Are you the girl that writes Jesus on the hats? Can you make me one?” I have lost track of how many hats we have given out since this has been the most popular request.
I’m thankful to be able to connect with others at the skatepark but unfortunately not all of the conversations are happy. Sometimes teens open up and share with me about the real struggles they face with mental health. One teen, who I have known for the past few years, shared with me how his friend recently committed suicide and how no one saw it coming. These are real issues our young people are processing and I am honoured to walk beside them as they let me into their world.
Church looks so different for everyone in 2020. For us we have church as we sit on the cement and grass at the skatepark. We all take turns reading different verses together. I encourage the Christians to grow as leaders as they help with setting up and packing up. At the end of the night I sometimes get one of the teens to pray out loud for everyone. This helps them to grow bold in their faith. It is really neat to see what God is doing. Recently one of the Grade 12 teens told me “Laura, I think I want to get into youth ministry like you someday; I can see myself doing it.” It really touched my heart to hear this.


I still travel around doing Keep It Real events in other cities. I see the value in spreading Keep It Real in both far and local communities. This summer and Fall I went to Peterborough, Stratford, Binbrook and St. Catharines to help with other ministries. 20 young people gave their heart to Jesus last week on one of my trips.
The online Change Conference is coming up! Recently a few friends and I wrote a curriculum for youth groups. We filmed with the theme “How is God Good in the Middle of Suffering?” Thousands of teens have signed up to see our videos as they become available soon. We are really happy to help churches in this way.
Last week I spoke online for a YFC International Conference. Our organization is around the world. We had thousands of people from 90 countries join us. My message was about The Great Commission.
There are many ways you can help me, if you are interested:
  1. Volunteer. We will be moving our Keep It Real art program into the YFC Waterdown Youth Centre in October. We could use more adults to help us Tuesday evenings.

  2. Donate. I am hoping to increase my monthly support. Would you consider donating anywhere from $20 to $200 per month? Every amount is appreciated.

  3. Advocate. Would you consider connecting me with someone you know who shares the vision of impacting youth across Canada?

  4. Pray. If you would like to join our prayer team to intentionally pray for us, let me know and I will add you to our Facebook page for updates.

Laura Bronson


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