Something I have learned from all of this traveling is that it’s important to have a prayer team backing me up. I’m wondering if you would be interested in dedicating time to pray for myself and the keep it real team. In fact, I’m not only asking, I’m challenging you to try and support us in that way. Maybe when you are done reading this you could spend a few minutes.

Man Praying Painting

Prayer is such an important thing and we all need it. Prayer changes the atmosphere. Let’s be honest here. It can sometimes be hard traveling, sure you meet cool friends along the way but still the feeling of constantly leaving your home can cause a person to miss friends and family. Those feelings once and a while come, the busyness of my schedule can sometimes distract that, but still prayer is appreciated. My physical health is something I sometimes struggle with as I’m a person that wants to run in ministry full speed and in those fast pace times that’s normally when mentors recommend me slowing down. Please pray that I don’t get sick and that I would learn to take proper rest when needed. Pray for the right direction of what events I should book. Lastly, let’s pray for the teens hearts to be impacted. I don’t have fancy words to preach but I’ve noticed such a difference in the times when friends would message saying that they are praying. Let’s see many young people come to Christ this year.

Wow, isn’t this interesting?  Prayer is probably one of the most beautiful gifts you could give to a person. By you deciding to pray for someone else you are saying, “I will use my valuable time to talk to the creator of the universe about you and go into his presence to speak on your behalf.”  This is so neat. Thanks for considering being on the keep it real prayer team. I can only travel with Gods power and I don’t want to ever do it on my own. Thank you for tag teaming with me! Send me a personal message if you ever need prayer.