I’m so excited because I am going to be working full time for Youth for Christ Canada with the Keep It Real Ministry. Here is my story of how I joined the K.I.R. Crew.

Ever since I was young I wanted to work with youth. I grew up going to solid youth groups and amazing camps where I was blessed with the opportunity to learn from amazing spiritual leaders. One memory that sticks out was when I spent a week volunteering as a councilor at a kids camp. I was getting close to graduating high school and trying to figure out what to do next. Being able to teach and encourage the kids was a great feeling. One of the older councilors said to me, “have you ever thought about doing ministry full time? You seem to be really good with kids.” Ever since that summer I have been pursing opportunities that would lead to working with youth full time. I completed 1 year of bible college and received a solid foundation in theology but I realized that the role of a pastor was not for me. This was a confusing time because I thought the only way that I could do ministry was if I had the title of a “pastor”.

Now it was time for me to pursue plan b which was business. I signed up for business administration and I loved it. I studied it through a Christian lens, so when the other students were getting inspired to start businesses to make money, I was getting inspired to start kingdom businesses. I started to think “what if me and some friends did a start up that focused on doing ministry in a non-traditional way?”

When I was in college I started following filmers and internet savvy people. Ever since I purchased my first video camera I have been passionate about media. When my friend showed me youtube in 2007 I was blown away. I knew that this was going to be revolutionary for my generation. A recent study found that to young people, youtube stars are more influential than hollywood celebrities. I love just setting up a tripod and filming someone talk about spiritual or positive things. A little bit of editing, and a couple of clicks and the message can be shared to thousands on the internet.

I am so excited that God has given me the opportunity to combine ministry, business and media. The Keep It Real Ministry has doors opening all over the country. There are so many opportunities that one full time staff is not enough.

My position will be Marketing/Media coordinator. When I look back I can clearly see how God has been preparing me for this position.

Keep It Real has just moved into a new office in Waterdown and it has plenty of room for staff and volunteers to brainstorm and work on projects to reach youth.

I will be promoting the ministry by designing newsletters, posters, banners and other promotional materials for booths at events. I will also be working on producing videos.

There are so many exciting projects and opportunities that I look forward to working on and I look forward to sharing the details of them with you in future communications.

Most importantly, I will be sharing Gods love with lost youth. Volunteering with the KIR team for the last 6 years has given me some of the best experiences of my life. From province to province, I have had the privilege of seeing God rescue students and give them new life. Now it is time to go to the next level of the harvest. All of these platforms are simply ways to build the Kingdom of God and that is what I am most excited about!

Tim Bronson

Marketing/Media coordinator

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