Deep thoughts as I’m laying in bed thinking about the bible story of Joseph.

When Joseph was thrown into a dark gross pit, he was on his way to his dream. When Joseph became a slave to Potifar, he was a few steps closer to his dream. When Joseph got thrown into jail even though he was innocent, he was way  closer to his dream then ever before. When life gets hard just think about how much closer you are to getting to your dream. Enduring the rough times always leads to something good after. If Joseph just stayed home, all of his family would have starved during the famine. When Joseph saved his family, he was actually saving a whole nation. Obedience and a good attitude is the key to success!

At the beginning if the story Joseph may have lost his beautiful coat that was so valuable to him but God didn’t look at him to define him by the cool gifts his father gave him, instead God was looking to see his heart. Even when things get taken away from you, will you chose to have heart following after God?