Let’s make history together! We sure are lucky to live in a beautiful country like Canada. In a few days I’m going to Parliament to meet with some of the most influential leaders in Canada. Members of Parliament and Senators have the power to approve or disapprove important laws. I’m Looking forward to spending time with our leaders for a week in Ottawa starting on Sunday.
After many years of thinking about it, I have finally decided to join a movement of young people called the Josiah team. We are part of a ministry called MY Canada that is lead by Faytene Grasseschi. For years people have told me that I should join and now I’m glad that I have after God tugged on my heart about it. The Josiah team has 15 other young leaders that are passionate about Canada, we want to make an impact on our nation. We pray, do research, plan strategically, encourage each other, fast, have long calls together. All of the hard work and time invested into this team has all been worth it. The big week is here for us to all go on this Parliament trip. We have over 60 meetings booked with MPs to speak about important issues in Canada. We are speaking with them in a spirit of honour and love. Can’t wait to shake their hands and say thankyou for all the hard work that they are doing for our country.
What a privilege it is that we are able to use our voice to speak up for what we believe in. We really want to encourage our leaders and let God speak through us. In the bible there was a young king named Josiah that was only 8 years old. He lead his country well as he stood up for what was right. Josiah didn’t sit back and let darkness grow, he honoured God and repented for the mistakes of his people. What an inspiring story! I encourage you to be like a Josiah and to pray for your country.
Some of the serious issues that we want to discuss with Parliament are Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide, Aboriginal Issues, Abortion, Freedom of Speech, Religion & Conscience, Gendercide, Human Trafficking, Israel, National Debt, Prostitution, Sex Education, Terrorism & Syrain Refugees.
One of the highlights that I’m looking forward to is painting a graffiti canvas that will say “I dream of a Canada that…” The Josiah team and I are going to write on it and we are hoping to give it to Justin Trudeau as a gift.
This will definitely be an intense, busy week so I would so appreciate your prayers. Here are 3 things you could pray for us about 1) to hear from God, 2) to have good health and 3) to have favour with our meetings. Also I’m wondering if you could donate to this. Some of my costs for this week are food, the hotel and my flight. Thanks for believing in the ministry that I do. Your sister, Laura

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