A lot of great movements in the past have started with a few friends coming together to pray with a sincere heart. “Game Changers” recently came together to encourage each other and listen to God. If you put us in a room for 2 hours, look what happens. We start sharing so much vision and we take ownership for what’s happening in our generation. We really do want change and we are willing to do something about it. This is dangerous:) Talking about some much needed discussion on the future church and where we want to go with our ministries. How can we work together? What is God speaking to us about? How can we care for our country? What can we do to believe in the church and not ever speak negative about it?

Many different denominations coming together is rare these days so lets keep being trail blazers clearing the path for people even younger than us. Networking at a young age will help us out in the long run as we build these strong friendships. We want to share our resources and never have competition between one another, instead lets partner as a team and pray for revival. Thankful for the leaders ahead of us that have cheered us on along the way with their wisdom. Thanks for passing on the baton, we need you to believe in us. God Please help us to always put you first, let our desires come from you and do what you want to do with this. We want to dream with you.

Can’t wait for our next meeting in February. Look out for what is coming next!