Hey how’s it going! My name is Evan, I skate for Keep It Real and I am a missionary. I’m currently doing a long term mission trip in Glace Bay Nova Scotia which is on Cape Breton Island. Here is a little background for you on Cape Breton. Cape Breton is one of the most impoverished places in all of Canada. There is a huge drug epidemic here. The main drug being used here is Oxy Contin. Oxy is so addictive and destructive that often after people take one pill they are hooked. The whole reason I’m here is to work with Undercurrent Youth Centre.

Undercurrent Youth Centre is run by Pastor Dave Sawler and his whole goal is to provide an alternate life style for the youth here. So many kids in Glace Bay get caught up in drugs and drinking at a young age.  At Undercurrent we are providing these kids with a place to come and do what they love. We run weekly programs as well as a youth group where kids can come and learn about Jesus Christ.

Glace Bay has been a place of hopelessness for so long and now we are finally beginning to see change and it is happening in the lives of our youth. If the youth are the future then they deserve to be heard and invested in. I’ve only lived here a short while and I’m already seeing young leaders begin to grow right here in Glace Bay.

Cape Breton is such a beautiful place and it’s full of some amazing people. I’ve been here twice in the past on mission trips and I fell in love with not only the amazing natural beauty here but the people as well. I can walk down the street and say hi to everyone I pass and no one will think I’m a weirdo. I sometimes even stop and talk to a random stranger for a minute or two. People here understand the value of having a strong community. They just need a strong leader to guide them towards a brighter future.

I believe God has placed some amazing leaders here and Cape Breton Island is going through a revival. Amongst all the broken and hopelessness God is stirring something in the hearts of the people here. I know that in God’s time Cape Breton will become a beautiful place full of hope and love.