I watched some interviews of wealthy people and they all had a similar theme. They all said that when they move up to the next level of wealth they will be happy. They would say things like, “When I make more millions I will be able to do great charity work.”

After watching them I felt disgusted because I saw myself in them. I am always one “pay raise” away from helping others. I am always a few toys away from being complete. I keep looking for the next big “Google” to invest in before i can feed Africa. Wealth is relative but we still believe that we need just a little bit more to start doing good. Whatever amount of money you have -one dollar, one million, or billions, it will never be enough. There will always be some new level you think you have to achieve.

Today is the day to do great things with whatever you have. If we keep saying “tomorrow”, nothing will get done.

Share your stale brown bag lunch with someone who has none. Talk to the person who wants to end their life. Write down your plans to start your charity even though you don’t have the resources yet.

This world is so broken and right now, in this moment, you are the solution.

Bring heaven to earth.

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