There is nothing like a warm, home cooked meal. Mashed potatoes, turkey with gravy all over, delicious stuffing covering your plate, fresh apple crisp. Tonight was such an incredible night. I got the opportunity to help host a Christmas Party at our YFC centre in Waterdown.

These days it seems like many families are separated from each other. We live in a time where a lot of parents focus on work and they are missing family time. Barely anyone eats supper together anymore and this could be a problem. It is a lot easier to eat alone in front of a screen. It seems like we are an isolated culture.

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It is powerful when different ages come together. Tonight as we all squished around the dinner table we had authentic conversations. There is something special about sharing a meal with someone else. They let you into their world for a moment. You hear about the struggles and joys of what is happening in life. Around a dinner table we open up and friendships grow.

It’s heartbreaking to hear how many youth don’t have a father that they can call dad. A main theme I read  in the bible is God talking about taking care of orphans. Who are our modern day orphans? Are they the ones that have no one to go to? How can we meet young people in the midst of their pain?

As youth workers, this is where we step in and encourage youth that community is important. Coming to the youth centre you can make yourself feel at home. Tonight we laughed, we ate, we sang, we hugged, we cheered each other on. It truly felt like a family.

Sometimes teens need someone to listen. The can have stuff that they want to share with someone they trust so I am learning how to be a good listener. As I lean in closer to hear the stories of what some of these teens go through, I find myself needing to pray more and more.

Something deep inside of me feels so satisfied after coming home from this Christmas party. It truly feels like God created me to do what I’m doing. These teens bring so much happiness and it is such an honor to grow as a leader working with them.




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