“I wanted to say thank you for coming here and teaching us about God, because before coming to camp I have never heard anything about God, so thanks.” A little 8 year old girl with freckles came up to me by herself and said that. With a big speechless smile I gave her a high five.


I didn’t see that one coming. I mean you come to camp expecting big things to happen and as you talk at the front you see them listening and holding onto every word you say but sometimes you can forget if the message we share is really coming through. This young girl has just made my day and I can’t stop thinking about her. I got to meet her and her other 3 friends that she is rooming with. We chatted last night during snack and she told me how the 4 of her friends she is here with are from her school.


This morning we talked about Grace and we acted out a bible story on stage. Sure it was high energy and fun but ministry can’t only be about fancy object lessons and hyper actions at the front. To get to the level that we want to go, everything needs to be based on prayer. Thankful for the prayers of friends back home that are covering us this week. Please keep praying for these campers. We hope to see these kids and jr highs at Camp Kwasind have a life changing experience this week at camp. We want them to really know the love of Jesus.



kawasind 3

Here is one last funny quote from someone else last night. I walked up to the sports field to see what was happening during the big group game. As I talked to one of the councilors off to the side we had small casual talk. When she asked me what I was doing here this week I caught her totally off guard as I said I was going to be the speaker. She said that in all the years she has been coming to camp she has never seen a girl speaker before.

It’s neat how God is paving a way for more and more women to be involved in leadership and preaching now a days. Its slowly starting to be a common thing and I cant wait for the day of when it’s a casual thing. Shout outs to all the girl speakers out there, never stop and don’t give up. I’m cheering you on.


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