Who we are

The Keep it real Crew is a group of Skaters, artists and Graffiti writers who are passionate about encouraging youth to be real.

We do this by travelling Canada putting on skateboard comps, drop-in centre Parties, speaking at youth groups and many other kinds of events. We believe everyone has a unique talent that can be used for good, so at every event we express our art though skating, music, videography, graffiti painting, and telling stories. No one in the KIR Crew is perfect but we are trying our best to be part of the realest generation in history. Join us.

How it began

KIR was started in 2007 when we noticed that a lot of our friends were saying that they live one way but living differently with their actions. We began designing shirts that simply said Keep it Real to encourage our generation to be real. The brand grew and we began travelling around Toronto using the saying Keep it real as a platform to put on youth events. Now we are a ministry of youth Unlimited and we travel all over Canada.