How has your 2017 been going so far? I would love to share what my heart is beating about for this year.
Europe is one of my favourite places to visit, to be honest I think I might live there someday as a missionary. The needs are high in some areas so how cool would that be to serve a new country every weekend by doing Keep It Real events all over. Well, maybe I wouldn’t travel every weekend, but still I would help a lot wherever it’s needed.
I recently went to England and Hungary on a tour with a few other skaters. The whole goal of the trip was to help connect YFC with the schools. It was a success as we traveled around putting on many graffiti & skate presentations. At the schools we were able to help promote the new YFC centre that recently opened. On a regular night they normally have around 40 teens show up to their cafe youth centre. With Gods favour, we were able to help YFC meet tons of new teens in the area. We had 150 show up on the Friday night of our big skate event. Can’t wait to go back someday.

I’m leaving Canada really soon in July to help in the Middle East. I got invited to paint two large murals at a YFC youth centre for needy Lebanese youth and Syrian refugee youth. Every time I paint in other languages it feels like a dream. I have always prayed and imagined going to other country’s to paint ever since I was young and now it’s actually happening. God has really given me a peace and joy inside about going.
Would appreciate your prayers and financial support for this mission trip. We live in one of the richest countries so I am challenging you to think about giving to this project. Investing time or money into other countries is a neat way to show them that you care.
When I go on this trip, I hope to learn more about what is happening with our brothers and sisters around the world. My hope is to come home with a fresh perspective on life and ministry.

I’m so excited to announce that I am running a skate competition in Calgary at a huge skatepark. Lots of church’s in the area are joining together to meet on the Canada Day weekend. As everyone gathers in a large field to listen to the bands, it kind of reminds me of the legend John Wesley and his style of doing things. He would often go to an open field and share the good news and that started a movement. Right beside the field where thousands are gathering we will have the skate event, maybe some of them will want to go check out what’s happening in the field after we’re done skating.

This summer I will be traveling around to many camps to serve the younger generation. Some of the camps that I am going to are in Vancouver and Red Deer. Please pray for the hearts of the campers that I speak to. Studies show that many young people have a defining moment with God at camp, it’s a great place to grow in your faith.

YFC interntional has invited me to speak at a conference in Miami, Florida this fall. It’s a special event that we only have every 3 years and most of our key leaders from around the world are coming together for this. I will be speaking on Global trends in youth culture. As a non profit organization we all each have to raise our own funds for this conference.

Can you see how God is really working in our generation? People need encouragement and we have an opportunity to give hope, so let’s go full out and not waste 2017. I want to remind you that you can shine your light bright in dark places. Loving others doesn’t have to only be at the big events, it’s important to care for others even in the little day to day moments of life. Those times when no one else is watching really count. I believe in you, God gives us strength to love others even on the hard days.
Please keep all of these trips in your prayers and consider donating financially to the Middle East and the Miami opportunity. I can’t do this by myself, I would literally give up and stop if it weren’t for people like you. As a traveling evangelist, I need the help from the local Church. Sooooo thankful for the people who have already donated in the past, your storing up treasures in heaven. Love you guys!



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