Schools: Hundreds of kids gather around on a gym floor to cheer in excitement as they watched a few skate tricks. With the music turned up loud, I look out to the audience to see the big smiles of kids and teachers. As we came together for the school assembly I spoke a relevant message of hope sharing with the kids that they are valuable.

I remember being anewfoundland 2014 019 teenager in my room writing down all the things I someday want to do. At the top of the piece of paper I wrote in capital letter “DREAMS”. On the list below I wrote, “Speak at schools”. I am now able to do that as I have opportunities to visit some schools sharing a positive message. We as a crew hope to book more schools in 2015. I love partnering with local churches and YFC when going.

Bibles: As we travel across Canada we get to speak to many young people. Since the bible has personally changed our lives, we want to share that with other people. We ordered 1000 small pocket bibles and now we are running out. We have been handing them out so much everywhere we go. Sometimes at our events I will announce “Come get a free bible if you want one”. The response is always amazing as the bibles are in high demand. A special thanks goes to our friends at The Canadian Bible Society.

Road trip up North: As the team and I packed our bags we went off on an adventure to a place where not many people visit. The 6 of us drove 8 hours to a far place in Ontario called Timmins. One of my highlights from the trip was watching our friend DJ Dave teach a worktimmins 2014 ride home 140shop to the teens. He let them all crowd around to try the turntables for themselves. Watching him lead was a special moment as I saw Dave use his passions to reach others. He explained the basics of what it means to be a DJ. Not only that, he also added a spiritual component to it. I also enjoyed preaching a few times at the conference and seeing the teens respond to the messages. On the last day everyone broke off into their youth groups and prayed for their friends that don’t yet know Jesus. As I passed over the microphone on stage to some youth, they came up and prayed. It was a powerful sight to see their hunger for Jesus. This was an amazing conference that we will definitely consider coming back to. Missions can happen in Canada, it doesn’t only have to be overseas.

Summer: Camps are great! A lot of people give their heart to Christ when they have a camp experience. It’s a place where you can build strong friendships with others while also learning about Jesus in unique ways. Since I was radically changed from camp as a young kid, I knew this K.I.R. camp tour was something I couldn’t pass up.

7 camps, thousands of young people, lots of spray paint and a burning passion inside to share about Jesus. Many camps let me dream so big and I was able to connect with a lot of the kids there. For all the messages I shared, I was able to think outside of the box. A really special conversation I had was with a young girl I sat with at lunch. I asked her how she found out about the camp. She said that her mom found it online and that she had no church background. She continued to share how she enjoyed learning about all of the bible stories. It’s not the camps that change lives; we know that it’s Jesus. So glad that God is willing to use camps as a tool to bring people closer to him. I’m already starting to plan out summer 2015 in my head. Get ready for some neat, crazy things to happen!

We are so proud to be part of this amazing organization called Youth For Christ/Youth Unlimited. A few minutes from where I live they have built a new 3-story building. We have recently moved our Keep it Real office in there. The energy of what is happening in Waterdown is incredible. They have all their different programs in their drop in centre and I will be around to help out. Down the street there is a nice skate park with a highschool close by. I am proud to announce that my brother Tim is coming on staff with YFC. He has such a valuable role in Keep it Real and I would not be able to do what I do without him. For years he has been a volunteer and now we feel that this is great time for him to fundraise so he can come on full time staff.Waterdown-YFC building

We are so thankful for all the support and help of every friend that cares about our ministry. It is not my ministry, it’s ours. We do it together. It is just as much yours as it is mine. We all need to work together to make this happen. Keep the prayers coming because we need them. We can’t continue to travel and share the gospel unless we have people backing us up finically. Thank you! If you are interested in meeting to talk more about donating, I would love to sit down with you.


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