Happy New Years! I’m Stuck in this amazing job loving it for only 50 more years.

Last year, 2013 feels so far away but yet so close as if it were yesterday. Oh wait, it really was. I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration with family and friends; we had a fun party at my brother’s house catching up with old friends. As the countdown began 3-2-1… we all cheered and bravely danced around using our loud trumpets. How is it already 2014? Is that for real? Where does the time go because I would sure love to find it?

Looking back on the past I can truly say that last year was unforgettable, everything came together so beautiful as I joined with this ministry called Youth For Christ. Working with them makes so much sense on so many different levels. I am so thankful for all of the donors we have with keep it real, we honestly couldn’t do it without you. I have officially been on staff with YFC for 1 year now and I only have 50 more years left to go until I retire. I’m in this for the long haul and I don’t plan on switching my career anytime soon. But then again I am part of generation Y, you know the group of young adults who change their minds every 5 minutes about what to do in life. Let’s just hope that I don’t get influenced by them. To be so straight up I can’t see myself doing anything else. I know what God has asked me to do so I’m sticking to his plan.

As I am entering this New Year 2014 I am proud to announce that I have a new supervisor, he is someone I look up to and admire. His name is Tim Coles! I guess my old boss couldn’t handle all the phone calls I made about wanting to start a new project every 5 seconds, that’s just how us entrepreneurs roll. I’m only kidding, I don’t think I scared him off; it just worked out better to switch things this way. I am so happy with this new role that Tim will now have in my life. I remember when I first met Tim a few years ago in Halliburton. For some reason YFC asked me to come speak at one of their staff retreats. Before my session I did a rap song to start. Off to the side I saw Tim standing there listening with a posture showing he was interested in the message. He didn’t end up staying to hear me talk but that’s ok, I’ll forgive him. Later on that day I saw Tim sitting down talking to another guy so I sat right in between them. I literally had no idea who he was but we continued to chat about ministry. I blindly shared my heart with him, saying things like “Someday I want to take Keep it Real all over the country, imagine if every city had a drop in centre, imagine if we met kids where they’re at in relevant ways?” I had no idea that he is one of the main leaders helping run YFC canada. Not knowing that his job is to help YFC all over Canada and that he actually helps start new drop in centres… If we fast forward a few years later Tim had a key role in helping me get on staff with YFC.

Why am I telling you this? A basic way of getting to the point is never speak your dreams out loud if you don’t mean it. Every once and a while an opportunity will come for you to pursue your dream and you can either sit down or jump at it, and I’m so very glad that I jumped. I didn’t know at the time that Tim had a big fancy title, I had no clue he would be so helpful and I think that’s what made the conversation so genuine and real. I don’t even think he told me who he actually was until we were finishing up our longggggg talk. I didn’t know that he had resources’ to things I desperately needed. I had no idea of who he was. He simply asked me a question “ What’s your heart leaning towards?” and everything kind of spilled out, I don’t remember everything we talked about, I just remember that it was the beginning of a good friendship and now he is someone I get the privilege to work beside.

The future is bright! Next time you get the opportunity to sit down with someone and tell them your dream, be open and let them know what’s really on your heart. You never know what could come of it. Has that ever happened to you where you shared your ideas with someone else not knowing they would help you but then they do? Some dreams I still have are:

1) to someday paint graffiti in other language’s around the world.

2) It would be neat to write a book and the ironic part is that I never seemed to pass English class in school.

3) In the future I want to help start indoor skate parks in places of high need.

4) It would be so cool to see our Keep it Real clothing spread.

5) Camps are a significant place where young people meet God, so I would love to help run one for inner city kids that normally wouldn’t have the chance to go

These seem kind of crazy, but give me some time and they may happen. I still got 50 years left.